Latin Wife – Live Here or There?


This is a topic that most people probably already have an answer for. Yet there are some men that are not sure about which they prefer and others that do not know all the advantages and disadvantages of both choices. For those that might choose to leave her in her native country, they are men that have flexible lives. They may have their own business and can go back and forth to her often or any time they want. Your new Latin wife may prefer to live in her own country. She can also go back and forth and may prefer that for many reasons like being near her aging parents or her young brothers and sisters. Her living there may also be a temporary thing until it is more sensible for her to move (like seeing her family will be OK without her).

Option 1 : Bring Her Home

This is not surprisingly the most popular choice by far. Why marry someone and not have her at your side every night when you want a warm body to lean up against? Any other choice probably will not even be considered by the majority of brides or grooms.


She will be there with you (enough said)

You can keep an eye on her and protect her


She will not be a part of your life every day

Option 2: Leave Her There

An option popular with the retired and soon to be retired but there are those that prefer this and can make it work because they have lots of freedom in their lives to travel or do what they want whenever they want. If you choose this option it is a good idea to be together full time for the first two or three months at least to tighten the bond and get used to each other. Otherwise you two may never feel like you are married. If you have known one another for a long time already then this may not be as necessary.


She will not run off on you

She will not become ‘Americanized’ and remain an unspoiled pure native


There will be times you want her companionship for all the things a woman can do. Some winter nights will be cold and lonely.

Option 3: Go back and forth

Not all can do it. There are people that work for an airlines that have flexible working hours and flight benefits that make up a decent percentage of this group.


Men that are or are soon to retire are one of the most likely to leave his new Latin wife in her country. He probably wants to live in that tropical climate with all its pristine beaches, mountains, fresh fish straight our of the clean ocean and friendly people. If you lived you whole life in one country, why not live somewhere else before you die? Its a big world and you can always move back which is unlikely to happen from what I have witnessed. Retire in Florida or Arizona? Are you kidding? A nice Hispanic country with its laid back attitude is just what the doctor ordered. You will be a semi celebrity to the locals as they look at foreigners as leaders and someone they can learn from.

Examples of actual Hispanic women that married foreigners

Cathy is from Sosua in the Dominican Republic. She is a pretty 23 year old with a 2 year old son that she lets walk around nude in the streets too much.

Noel is a 25 year old from Paris, France that met her on one of is vacations to the island.

Noel and Cathy had been dating for about seven months. Noel was on a long visit to the Dominican Republic and I think he had some friend there he stayed with. He was from a solid middle class family in France. Cathy was from a poor family that lived in a small beach town. They lived four blocks from a beautiful clear clue water tropical beach that was the soul of the town. Many people worked there and counted on the tourists one way or another for their income. She had been raised in this barrio and knew just about everyone. She got pregnant and had a daughter. Noel and Cathy shortly later got married and moved to Paris and lived with his parents in a very nice house on the fringe of outer Paris. The parents loved Cathy, the baby and accepted her young son as part of the family. They had been grandchild less and happy for their new titles of grandmother and grandfather.

Cathy spoke no French, only Spanish. She had never lived anywhere else or had never been away from her family. One would think that the opportunity to live in a great city in another part of the world with a nice place to live and no real bills to worry about would be a situation most people who never had a chance for anything close to this would only dream about. Back in the Dominican Republic, Cathy lived in what could almost be called a ‘shack’ with anywhere from five to seven family members. The toilet did not work most of the time and was out in the open near the rear of the house. It had no walls and do not understand how anyone ever used it without an audience. I was there once and had to urinate. I went to the back and found the bathroom which was just a toilet sitting in the middle of a room. Luckily nobody else was around and I peed. When I flushed the toilet the water spun a bit but did not go all the way down. I wondered what I would have done if I had taken a dump. I also wondered how I would have sat there to take a dump with people going by. Anyway I just wanted to say her house was a place to sleep and live but a full about face from where she was living in Paris.

When I asked her father how she was doing out there about six months after she moved he told me she was doing terrible. She cried every day and was frustrated that she did not know French and could not communicate with anyone. With all she now had, she wanted to come back to the Dominican Republic and her shared room in the shack. In Paris her kids even had their own room. I figured she just needed more time to adjust but I found out a short while later that she had moved back to the DR.

The grandparents in Paris were devastated by her leaving and taking their grandchild. They had made plans to come to the DR two to four times a year for a month each time. They were even looking into buying a condo there. I am not sure how long she came back for but the next time I talked to her father he said that she moved back to Paris, was speaking French and enjoying herself very much out there now. I do not know what happened to change her mind but you have to understand that these ladies get homesick very easily and not all will be happy just because they are economically better off so you may want to let her spend time back and forth for a while at the beginning. When she realizes that home is there when she wants it and gets more adventurous to learn more about her new country, things can work out nicely.


Peter is a 58 year old man from Denver who got engaged to Daniela, a 31 year old woman from Columbia six months after meeting her on an online dating service. They talked often on the phone during the first months and Peter flew down to be with her every month. They got engaged in Columbia and went to the United States on a fiance visa as soon as the immigration paperwork was processed a short while later. Peter had started the fiance visa process after his second visit as he had a goal in mind and he was convinced that she was the one for him.

Daniela spoke some English and Peter spoke some Spanish and they would often talk to each other in the their second language respectfully. In other words if Peter spoke to Daniela he would say it in Spanish and she would answer him in English. This was a fair truce they both agreed on (not a serious agreement, just out of fun) but may have been made since they both speak their second language better than they understand it.

Due to fact that Peter has his own security business and is free to come and go as he pleases, Daniela was to come to the US to visit and see what it was like but they had planned to live in Columbia. He wanted to live in another country and experience life like other people did for once. His son would run the business and take it over one day when Peter decided to officially retire for good as far as working. He had money and real estate and would sell the business to his son by taking payments every month he knew his son would be able to make since the business had a steady income and there was no reason that should change. He had plenty of long time customers for almost 20 years and the business was on cruise control thanks to his hard work.

Daniela was happy about them living in Columbia after they were married and was looking forward to her trip to the US. A woman from Columbia is going to live whereever her man suggests they live. Its hard to think that they would feel any more secure than their own country and having a husband providing financial security for a good life is a dream come true. She does not have to leave her family, friends and the life she is accustomed to.

This story is so far a good one. It has a twist to it too. Peter’s son came to Columbia to visit his father and take a vacation. They went white water rafting and fishing like they love to do. Judy, a friend of Daniela’s met them one day when they went out for dinner at their favorite fish spot. Judy works in the same shopping mall that Daniela works at had met Peter’s son when they were in the mall a few days before. She went to Daniela the next day and asked her if Peter’s son was single which he was. She told Peter that Judy asked about his son and he said “I’m not getting involved, do what you want”. so it was no coincidence Peter later figured out that they ran into Judy that day. After dinner the four of them went on a walk on the beach.

When Peter’s son returned to Denver he went out to bars and did the typical things trying to meet a good lady but Judy was on his mind constantly. He was tired of the same type of woman Peter says and could not find a woman or remember from his past a better woman than Judy he ever previously dated. And Judy was beautiful and only 22 years old to his 32 years. To sum it up he went back to Columbia for his Judy and they got married. But instead of him moving to Columbia like his father did, he stayed in Denver and Judy moved to Denver to be with him!

When you get a taste of women from other countries and how they treat a man like a man, its hard to go back to dating women from the United States for many guys.