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Brazil Is More Than Just Rio De Janeiro…Sao Paulo Must Be Considered

Big bad Brazil is the number one place in the world for the most exotic, dazzling, soulful, sexy, desirable, breathtaking, leave your wife for and never come home women in the world. I do not even know what country would take second place.


If you are looking for serious Brazilian women for marriage that have a good white collar job and first class education then Sao Paulo is where you will find most of them. This city is an incredible melting pot of urban life. You will find many of the Brazilian mail order brides are from Sao Paulo of a nearby suburb as it is by far the largest city in Brazil when it comes to population.

This is not New York City, its Sao Paulo

The grand daddy of them all, Rio de Janeiro is party city, Earth. You might ‘Blame It On Rio’ if you search for Brazilian brides here. If and when wild side of you comes out it will be here.

Rio de Janeiro

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Go to Brazil and you will see more gyms to work out in than anywhere in the world. Brazilians worship the body and treat and respect it physically and spiritually. You will be surprised to see how many gyms you will see, even in retail spaces that normally would have an upscale clothing store or similar business. In the gym you will see people of all ages and both sexes in high numbers. Taking care of their bodies is not considered work but a staple of their lives. I have heard many stories of guys seeing women from behind with incredible bodies and following them for long distances trying to figure out how to approach her and when he gets to see her from the front he realizes this Brazilian woman is 20 years older then he thought she was. She still looked good but you do not expect a woman of 50+ to have this type of body.

Brazilian women for marriage that seek to meet men online from other countries will probably love to travel and may be someone who is interested in living in another country and getting away. Brazil is a very diverse country these days. A booming economy for the past 10 years or so, there is lots of wealth there. They grow more food than just about any other country and are in a good location for exporting it to customers worldwide. They are one of the only countries in the world that manufacture modern passengers jets which means they are doing high tech and a good portion of the population is highly educated A young pretty woman in most countries around the world can get a man one way or another. For her to find a successful one that she can get along with and know that he truly loves her is another thing. Many of the middle class and rich Brazilian men are not ready to settle down and women end up spending many of their young glory years in a dead end relationship. The more people you meet, the better the chance on finding someone you like, it always comes down to numbers. This is where an online mail order bride service is a true savior. You could never meet so many people who are also looking for a serious relationship any other way.

The other side of Brazil is that the population is getting close to 200 million and many of them are in poverty. The gains made by bringing million from poverty to middle class have been tremendous and they are the envy of the world these days as so many Western countries, especially in Europe are economically in hard times.