• How to Meet Women Online Safely

    How to Meet Women Online Safely

    In online dating, you’re contacting women who are total strangers. It’s natural to wonder what they are thinking when you don’t hear from them or if they’re just playing games. Some women just don’t respond or look grumpy, while others remind you of an ex-boyfriend. Sometimes, they only reply to men shorter than them. Here […]

  • Black Cuban Women – How To Find and Date Them?

    Black Cuban Women – How To Find and Date Them?

    Overall Reyita’s message is her struggle for equality as a poor, black, Cuban woman. Despite all the obstacles produced by racism, sexism and poverty, Reyita stands firm on the belief that integration and social mobility stem not only from the elite, but also from ordinary Afro-Cubans like herself. As a young girl, the renaissance masters […]

  • Latin Women – Their World

    Latin Women – Their World

    The differences in the ways of Latin women from the United States or Canada and native ones that live and grew up in a Latino country can be big, little and downright funny! It is true that much of how we look at things is due to what we are accustomed to. Basically we from […]

  • Mistakes To Avoid When Dating Latin Women

    Mistakes To Avoid When Dating Latin Women

    If you read this article you will definetly find several tips that will save you from making mistakes in your quest for a foreign bride. The time taken to read any specific peice of advice will be worth it many times over. This is true whatever endeavor you partake in but when you are talking […]

  • Resources

    Latina Dating and Marriage Resources Professional Dating with Lovestruck London – Online dating agency in London for single professionals who are looking to meet and find love in the city. A1-Dating- Directory Japanese Dating – Meet Japanese women located in Japan and cities around the world who are single and speak English. Thai Dating – […]

  • Latin Wife – Live Here or There?

    Latin Wife – Live Here or There?

    This is a topic that most people probably already have an answer for. Yet there are some men that are not sure about which they prefer and others that do not know all the advantages and disadvantages of both choices. For those that might choose to leave her in her native country, they are men […]

  • Latin Marriage Laws

    Latin Marriage Laws

    Colombia Colombian Marriage Laws Colombia Facts Dominican Republic The common law wife laws in the Dominican Republic call for a woman to get half of what the man has after living together six months. As far as half of what the man has this includes all his possessions in the Dominican Republic itself including vehicles, […]

  • Latin Dating Tips

    Latin Dating Tips

    All people are different and chemistry between two people can only be determined when they meet face to face. The telephone can tell you some things but the actual first physical meeting is the real deal. There are general guidelines to keep to but if you find that being too nice or laid back is […]